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The Vivid Tapes (Download)

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The Vivid Tapes (Download)

Olio's The Vivid Tapes High Quality MP3 Download (320 kbps)

5 Song Studio Album recorded at various studios when the band was known as Vivid.  Original Release Date: Summer 1997. Re-Release Date: February 27, 2000 on  Arif Hodzic – vocals, guitars, Tony Shibumi – bass, stick, drums, background vocals, Christian Craviotto – drums on “Mind.” “Mind” Recorded at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA and Valley Center Studios, North Hollywood, CA November 1995. Mixed at Hollywood Sound Recorders Mastered by Robert Vosgien at CMS Digitial. “Keep It Strong”, “Sagacity”, “Simplify” Recorded and Mixed at Black Pepper Studios, Garden Grove, CA. Engineered by Kai Reiss. “Cool” Recorded and Mixed at AAH! Studios. Produced by Arif and Shibumi. Executive Producer: A.H. Hodzic

These 5 songs are the beginning of what is now known as Olio.  Arif Hodzic and Tony Shibumi met in 1994 and started writing together.  Their passion for music led to the creation of what was then called Vivid.  In November of 1995 they went to Paramount Studios to record their first single, “Mind.” Recorded on 24 track, 2″ tape they were looking for the warmth that analog brings. Christian Craviotto was the drummer hired for the session. Due to technical difficulties they had to redo the drums at Valley Center Studios. They mixed it at Hollywood Sound Recorders and mastered it at CMS Digital. “Mind” was released in early 1996 and received airplay on college and commercial radio stations across the United States.

In the Spring of 1997, a Chapman stick compilation CD was being put together and Tony received the call to contribute a song.  On May 15, “Cool” was recorded at AAH! Studios, Arif’s home studio. The song features Chapman stick, acoustic guitar and vocals.  Tony lays down a great wah wah stick solo on this track. Unfortunately, the compilation CD was never released.

In July of 1997 they recorded three songs at Black Pepper Studios.  “Keep It Strong,” “Sagacity,” and “Simplify” feature Tony on drums, bass, stick and background vocals and Arif on vocals and guitars. These songs were added to complete the 5 song cassette tape which were sold at shows.

Arif and Tony did not meet DeHaven Carrington until August of 1997. These 5 songs DeHaven’s ear and the vision was finally completed. They found the drummer they were looking for.

This album is once again available, now as a Full Album MP3 Download to show where the Olio sound came from.  It is an interesting reflection back to a time when their musical identity was being formed.

Track Listing:
1. Mind
2. Keep It Strong
3. Sagacity (97)
4. Simplify
5. Cool

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