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Olio Party...Live (Autographed CD + Download)

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Olio Party...Live (Autographed CD + Download)

Olio's ain't no party like an Olio party...LIVE Autographed CD plus a High Quality MP3 Download (320 kbps) arrives immediately.

The very first Olio album was a 13-song live performance recorded November 8, 1998 with an audience at Third Encore Studios North Hollywood, CA.

Arif Hodzic – vocals, guitars; DeHaven Carrington – acoustic and electronic drums, vocals; Tony Shibumi – bass, Chapman stick, vocals. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Damon Tedesco. Released 1/19/1999.
Track Listing:
1. Mind
2. We Belong
3. O-L-I-O (in the house)
4. Keep It Strong
5. Impress
6. Pride
7. Got A Life
8. Sagacity
9. Dead Man Walking
10. Ah
11. In My Shoes
12. All This Time
13. Olio Party

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